LaTeX Instructions

The papers should be written in LaTeX with the document class cml. There are two files, cedram.cls and cedram-CML.clo. There also is a template on how to use it, in .tex and in .pdf.

Languages: Confluentes Mathematici accepts papers in English, French and German; if the paper is not in English, English versions of the title and abstract should also be provided. The Babel package is preloaded; you should not include it. It is permitted to mix languages within a paper; in order to switch from one language to another, use




Layout: Do not modify the default layout: there should be no instruction modifying the size of the page, neither globally nor locally.

Title: Use the command \title{...} in the preamble in order to define the title of the paper, then the command \maketitle in the body of the document. For an English version of the title (if the main title is not in English), use \alttitle{...}.

Author(s): Every author must be defined by

  • \author[aaa bbb]{\firstname{aaa} \lastname{bbb}}
  • \address{aaaaa} must contain the address of the author, and for the corresponding author, his e-mail address.

Abstract: An abstract is compulsory. Use the commands \begin{abstract}...\end{abstract}. The abstract must be placed before the command \maketitle. For an English version of the abstract (if the main abstract is not in English), use \begin{altabstract}...\end{altabstract}.

Bibliography: Use bibtex and the style plain or plain-fr (for papers in French). The bibliography must be introduced in the file by:



MonFichierBib should be adapted to the name of the .bib file used.

Use, whenever possible, bibtex references provided from specialized mathematical institutions (MathSciNet, ZentralBlatt etc.).

Floating objects, graphics:

  • units: Dimensions of objects should never be defined in absolute units, but in relation to sized defined by LaTeX. For instance: Use 0.5\linewidth rather than 5cm.
  • Files: Inclusion of graphics and figures: use \includegraphics. Usual formats (pdf, jpg, tiff etc.) are authorized, but not postscript files.

Theorems etc.: Use the predefined environments theo (Theorem), prop (Proposition), conj (Conjecture), coro (Corollary), lemm (Lemma), defi (Definition), rema (Remark), remas (Remarks), exam (Example), exams (Examples) and proof. For instance: \begin{theo}...\end{theo}.

Encoding: The text can be encoded in utf8 or latin1.

Additionnal recommendations : Do not use any unnecessary packages!